Welcome on Bitdorado the #1 Place to Trade and earn passive gains via Proof of Stake, Proof of Work and Proof of Gain

Underlying technology

We use a Decentralized Network of Nodes (DEX) as lowest level to secure your wallets from being victim of hacks. No one can get access to your balance by hacking our Servers.

On a second layer we provide aditional Nodes called Blueboxes (check on which Masternodes of different coins are setup and running in order to gain POS and or MN rewards.

On a third layer we run the same boxes to do Mining in the Bluepool. The Bluepool has no fees for itself. Instead it costs an single-time entry fee to get an Wallet Whitelisted. Accepted are TELOS and or XBTX to pay the Premium Membership fee.

Premium Membership

The benefits for you as Premium Member is that you always get early Access to newly listed tokens and a Discount which may vary depending on Tokens between 1- 50% of the nomimal price and is finally a decision between the listing party and Bitdorado.

Also Premium Members get access to InstaTrade(™) which allows you to buy any listed coin instead at the shown price which is on top most of the time lower than the market price.

Premium Members which are owners of a Bluebox can also activade InstaTrade(™) in their Bluebox to exchange into any other cryptocurreny available on Bitdorado.

Also Premium Members living in the European Union will get a free Epay Debitcard which will be automatically filled based on your Stakingtrezor(™) or Bluebox revenues and a treshold sum you can define. Enjoy the freedom of Passive income on your travels.

Finally Premium-Members get a Discount of 5% from ARES Computer (Just jump via the link in your dashboard to Partner-Shop(s)).

The Premium-Membership costs you 400K TELOS. Premium Members can book additional benefits at reduced costs. These payments are going to the StakingTrezor and revenues (FEES for normal users) from the Trezor are shared between Premium Members and Bitdorado (20% Premium Members / 80% Bitdorado).

Premium Members get also 10% Bonus of each Coin they add to the StakeTrezor. Let's say you add 100K, than the trezor balance for you will be 110K. These are added by Bitdorado and counted to your Poolshare. This bonus can't be withdrawn by the Premium-Member it is only increasing the Pool-share.

*The exchange will only Pay TELOS to Premium Members out ot the StakingTrezor. Trading fees are automatically deducted from the rewards.