Please stay tuned, until the Bitdorado Edition of Devices are official ready for Pre-Order.

In order to celebrate the launch of Bitdorado Exchange we are glad to announce the possibility to buy a limited Bitdorado Edition of Bluebox Pro, Buebox Gold and PiggyBanks from our Partners.

These devices are limited in number and will grant you a share split of our Staking Pool (Masternodes and POS), as well as the Bluepool (Mining).

Benefit every time we add a new coin automatically, similar as a Premium- User, the box get a share of the pool fees.

20% is the Pool-fee which is than splitter in to 80% for the Exchange and 20% for the Premium Backers and device shares. Each of them get the same share out of the 20% bucket.

A limited number of 50 Bluebox Pro, 100 Bluebox gold and 200 Piggybanks V3 will be offered. A fraction will be sold here and another part of the will be sold at YourBrainAtBlockchain.